So, it's been almost six months since I was last out on the bike, and I was both excited and nervous to get back on! Would I remember everything? Would I even remember how to start the bike? What about shifting? Braking? What about turning? Oh no-- do i remember hand signals? And then... I started her up and she started to do her baby rumble and I geared up, swung my leg over and sat there...

It felt like home.

I carefully backed her out of the garage and put her in gear and was fine! Things started slowly coming back to me and I hopped right on Foster ave and headed down to the lake to do some laps around Montrose Harbor and then a couple of short jaunts on Lake Shore Drive-- all in all rode about 12 miles, but they were quality-get the cobwebs out-regain some confidence miles that meant everything.

Heading out again Thursday morning to shake out the cobwebs a bit more!

Miles ridden: 12
Total miles this season: 12

Gotta start somewhere!

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