So... MJ (my riding mentor) and i headed out to a Bike Blessing this weekend. We didn't end up riding because the windchill was 39...and then minus the 10 from being on the back of the bike and add in the potential for rain? Yeah no.

The blessing was interesting...but it was too "Christian" for my tastes, which sounds odd considering I'm an ordained minister. But evangelical-in-your-face-jesusjesusjesus stuff just makes me crazy.

It got me really thiking about the bike blessing i'm performing for the Furies in a couple of weeks, so i've been working really hard on how i'm going to word it all.

But then I got to thinking about the blessing of bikes in general...and how in some ways it seems incongruous--like aren't bikers supposed to all be outlawy and mean and stuff? Of course not! Those who ride come from all walks of life, and MANY of us are Christians, so why NOT bless our bikes and ask God to keep us safe?

Makes perfect sense to me! I need all the help i can get.

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