Category: Relationship - Women in Motorcycling
I am so very lucky to have wonderful people mentoring me in my riding. Although I am not the world's best rider by far, I do feel comfortable helping a newer rider get comfortable in her seat. I think, because I remember exactly how frustrating and scary learning to ride can be, that I am actually being helpful. I spent the morning down on the lake with Elana practicing a bit. For the most part, I was able to control my urge to just tell her everything I learned last season. It's important that most lessons are learned her way at her pace. I do know how nervous I get watching my mirror to make sure she is there or how worried I was on the "real road" with her for the first time. She did great! I was so proud of her! It was such a great morning to ride!

Miles ridden: 10
Total miles this season: 234
Lifetime miles: 2298

I'm still reading Riding in the Shadows of the Saints by Jana Richman. On page 94 she says, "The relationship between motorcyle and rider is more like an affair: intense, charged with energy, demanding a great deal of attention and an acute sense of awareness. A relatively small mistake can have large consequences"

It's this small mistake large consequence thing that makes me the most nervous about being a new rider. There's so much to remember- T-Clocs, FINE-C, clutch, gear, brake, brake, keep your head on a swivel, look where you want to go, slow look press and lean in curves. So much to remember. I'm terrified that i'll forget that ONE thing that will keep me safe.

I struggle with wanting to be "good" at this sport, and in wanting to be "good" at it, i get lost in the persuit of perfection instead of focusing on being SAFE.